Girl, Get Your Word


That was my word for 2019. It was a promise and an invitation, anchored and embedded in John 15:1-8.

Believe me, I had my share of low points and disappointments in 2019. But they didn’t compare to the amazing highs. Just a glimpse at my top 9 (yep, that photo grid up top) affirms that he kept his promise of 2019 being a year to THRIVE:

-A stronger relationship with my cutie pies
-Sister time and much needed me time vacationing in Barcelona
-Nurturing my boldness mindset by owning my voice and style
-Launching an online course for small biz and nonprofit leaders w/my biz bestie
-Sharing life-changing messages at various churches
-Crushing goals with finesse (diving deeper into accountability coaching, taking control of these migraines, playing more and hustling less)
-Providing operational and HR strategy for various orgs
-Getting out the house “riding solo” because life is too short to let last-minute-canceling-folks ruin your plans (I know…I’m guilty of it too. Sometimes leaving the house takes so much effort, lol)
-Taking the first step to develop my first signature -Bible study and coaching program, The Breakup
-Executing a dynamic 600+ person conference


Now I’m ready for this new year and new decade. The word God gave me back in November for this new season is FREEDOM. I’m excited to experience the real freedom that comes from a life submitted to him. I’m also really excited about some of these 10 year goals and the adventures that will unfold as I rock my 40s (I know, I still look 20-something 😝😳😉 but 40 is just a few months away).

One big goal is one I dreamed about in my 20s when I left DCPS and the education field. I know that now is the time to get to work on it because the intent and impact will mean FREEDOM for a generation of folks. And isn’t that what it’s all about anyway – being used for his glory to see the flourishing of all things?! FREE people FREEING other people, because of and through the power of the One that can set anyone FREE.

And so that brings me to my question for you. What’s your word for 2020 (and beyond)? If you don’t have one yet – no worries. I put together a quick mini-course “Girl, Get Your Word” (men can do it too, lol) to help you get your word for 2020.

God is about blessing and using everyday folk, like me, to do amazing things for him. Take hold to the promise and invitation that awaits in just one simple word. Check out the video and 3 simple steps here.

Then, let me know what word you’re leaning into and living out this year.