Our Stories, Our Healing

Grief and Loss
The loss of a loved one is never easy.  The journey from grief to healing can encompass a range of emotions, conflicting at times, triggered by seemingly random occurrences and unavoidable no matter how hard or many times we try to bypass them.
Our Stories, Our Healing
Have you experienced a significant loss in your life?  Where are you in your journey from grief to healing?  Are you ready to share your story?  By telling your story you may be able to help someone else and perhaps support your own healing.

The Project
This project sets out to explore the grief journeys of several individuals.  The stories of the characters are inspired by real-life individuals and their experiences with grief, resulting from the death of a loved one. Woven together, it will reveal stories of trauma, heartache, loneliness and despair that begin to transition into those of healing, resilience and celebration.  

By sharing your story, others will be helped and supported in their own healing.  Not only ushering in healing for others, it will expose the often silent pain and lonely journeys many of us undertake as we process the death of a loved one- allowing them to know, they are not alone. 

If you are interested in being a part of this project by sharing your story, please complete the questionnaire here.  You will then be contacted with specific details about your participation in this project.