The Beauty of Death

  Not all death is beautiful.   But it could be. Well, maybe not at first. Because some of it is caused by senseless violence or systems of injustice. At times, it takes the innocent […]

A Testimony in 3 Parts: Part 2

Part 2: Grace Period   I’m a project-oriented type of person. I appreciate definitive starts and stops. Marking the end of something is really important for me. Mainly because if I don’t, I have the […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Nancy lied! (Nancy is my mother by the way.) Okay maybe not “lied”. I think she willingly misled me as a kid, though. I remember countless Christmases when she would pull out the recipes only […]

A Testimony in 3 Parts: Part 1

Part 1: When All You’ve Got Is His Word How do you go back to life as usual after receiving a rhema word straight from God to you? What are you to do with a […]

To Alexandria, With Love: Live Local

I did it!  The first item to be checked off as COMPLETE on my 2018 vision board is “move to Alexandria”.  As of last Wednesday I am officially settled in my new home in Alexandria, VA.   […]

Our Response to the Greatest Love There Is

  Yes, this is the season of love!  And in celebration of that, you will likely give or receive a gift or card that expresses love.  Whether it is flowers, chocolates, a hug or a […]

Girl, Get Out that House!

Turn off the Netflix.  Give those warm and comfy sweats a rest.  Let’s go out! Whether single, dating or married many of us need a swift kick in the butt sometimes to get off the […]