My Greatest Fear As A Single Woman

  It is tiring always being “ON”.  It would be nice, even if only every once in a while, to be able to not have to be responsible for every single aspect of my life.  […]

SCSU Alumni- Reputation and Responsibility

Life today has a certain level of comfort associated with it.  Instant gratification, inflated perceptions of self-importance and a lifestyle of ease can lead to complacency.  Today I received a jolt of reality and was […]

Learning How to Multiply

My memory isn’t that great. I’d like to say that’s a function of the aging process but truth is, I’ve never had a good memory. That’s why I try to write everything down- for future […]

“On Time” Principle

About a month ago I was preparing to attend a painting event in Crystal City where you create your own painting.  After much consideration, I decided that the work of art I was going to create […]

A Faith That’s Meant to Be Shared

I walked into a wonderful conversation the other day.  I, and other members of the church I now work at as the Interim Children’s Director, were hosting the Kids Zone at the George Washington Parkway […]

Submission – Getting to the Root of the Issue

This is part II of a reflection on Submission.  Check out the first part, S*bm!ss!@n. As you know, I am exploring the practice of submission in an attempt to grow in this area.  Therefore, I’ve […]

The Table Experience

Two Saturdays ago I was sitting in a class at my home church, First Baptist of Glenarden.  As a side note, the instructor referenced something that sparked my interest.  She mentioned the “Table Principle”.  I never knew […]


Technically, submission has 10 letters.  But for a long time, in my book, it has been categorized as a 4-letter curse word.  I’m not unlike many independent, black females of the 21stcentury.  You mention the […]

Speak Life!

Our words have the ability to build up, encourage and speak life into bleak situations.  I just want to share a few quick thoughts about how some words have taken me (and perhaps others) to the […]