Girl, Get Out that House!

This is me deciding to “get out that house” more in this new year.

Turn off the Netflix.  Give those warm and comfy sweats a rest.  Let’s go out!

Whether single, dating or married many of us need a swift kick in the butt sometimes to get off the couch and go mingle with the general public.  Over the past month, I’ve had too many conversations with women, ranging from their early 20s to mid 40s, who say that they don’t go out.  And I don’t mean to clubs, parties, etc.  I get that.  They just don’t go anywhere after work (and many weekends).  Apparently our own cozy homes are winning out against other activities like sporting events, theater, comedy shows and classes.  We opt for “entertainment” piped into our individual homes over the connections that can be created or nurtured through doing things with friends and family (or complete strangers just waiting to be friends).

I’m guilty of it myself.  To my surprise, as I was having these conversations, I was being challenged to recount where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  In years past I spent a lot of time outside my home, doing things after work, with friends or venturing out solo.  Over time, it got to be a bit too much (time, money, energy) and I gradually stopped.  Yet, in retrospect I can say those were some incredibly fun times, with really cool people.  I learned a lot, made some lasting connections, discovered what I’m good at as well as what I don’t want to do anymore.  Overall, I grew significantly as a person.

So, I’ve slowed it down a bit but now realize, this is the time to get back out there and do stuff!  And, I need you to join me.

Yes, we are in the middle of winter.  It gets dark early.  Its’ cold out there.  There aren’t as many things going on (seemingly).  The new year’s resolutions are still fresh (save more money, exercise more, go on that diet).  I understand that for some, these resolutions may seem to compete with the things we find most enjoyable (as a foodie and cupcake aficionado, the internal conflict is REAL).  In spite of all those lame excuses, I assure you, we can go out, have fun and not fall into bad habits.  Here are 5 simple suggestions you can try out this month to help you get out the house.  Although you can do any of these solo, feel free to hit me up if you want some company 😉

  1. Take a class.  A few years ago a guy told me he took a DJ-ing class instructed by Biz Markie, which he found on Groupon.  That is awesome!  There are all types of classes that you can take to develop a skill or gain more knowledge.  I’ve taken cooking, fashion styling, sewing, home buying, and painting classes as an adult and loved each of them.  There are so many places you can find these classes, whether through your local community colleges’ adult/continuing education department or by searching your favorite online events site.
  2. Enjoy the arts.  Catch your favorite artist in concert.  See a play. Attend open mic night at a local coffeehouse.  Find an up and coming author book talk.  Check out a local band.  Many cities have really talented local artists that you can support and enjoy.  Plus, supporting local talent is a cost-effective option versus paying these high prices for the big names.
  3. Try out that new spot during Restaurant Week.  Because I am a foodie, I have to include this as an option.  I usually don’t wait for Restaurant Week to try out new spots.  But that week is definitely a good time to go to new places and be introduced to their menus.  Over the years, I’ve found some great restaurants during DC’s Restaurant Week.  Regardless of when you go and whether solo, with friends or even for a meetup, don’t pass up the opportunity to savor a good meal.
  4. Get moving.  There are so many great fitness options you can try. Indoor rock climbing, kickboxing, pole dancing for fitness (yes I tried it and if you want a good laugh about how it went check it out here), yoga, swimming, running – are just some of the options.  Classes are a great way to consistently get out and you can meet new people while getting/staying fit.  If you are just starting or re-starting a fitness routine, find something that interests you and go for it.  If you are a dedicated fitness buff, consider adding a new physical activity to your routine to keep things fresh and exciting.
  5. Participate in an outdoor seasonal activity.  Winter sometimes gets a bad rap (i.e. the aforementioned cold and early sunsets).  But there are some great activities that you can do during this season.  Go ice skating.  Many towns and cities turn public spaces at malls or town centers into skating rinks in the winter.  There are also year-round indoor facilities that you can try out.  Or, venture to the mountains for a day or weekend on the slopes skiing or tubing.  On those days when your town or city shuts down for a snow day (hopefully it’ll be more than a dusting), take the opportunity to go sledding, make a snowman or have a snowball fight.  Side note:  When it snowed a few weeks ago my 4 year old niece and I had the best time walking around the frozen pond behind my house and playing in the snow.  It was tempting to just stay indoors and make it a movie day, but so glad I didn’t!

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list of ideas to ensure we are out socializing and enjoying life, but it is a start.  The most important thing is, we need to get out the house!  So, trade-in your nights on the couch for exploring your town or city!  Once you give it a try comment to let us know how it went.